Save Energy at the Office

Conserve Surge with Timer

  • Control power at the workstation
  • Reduce standby power automatically

Take control of energy consumption at the workstation.

Imagine an office where electronics turn themselves off at the end of the day. The average workplace is filled with electronics that use energy day in and day out. Over time—and over an entire organization—this wasted energy adds up and drives up electric bills. The Conserve Surge with Timer is an easy-to-use cost-saving business solution that helps reduce the energy wasted by office electronics by turning them off automatically, right at the workstation.

Timed power

Timed power.

The Conserve Surge has a convenient timer button that sits on the user's desk. At the start of the work day, just click the button to power up desktop electronics. This also starts a timer with a duration of 11 hours. At the end of the 11-hour time period, the Conserve Surge automatically turns off power to your electronics—eliminating wasteful standby power. For even more savings and to maximize energy conservation, click the button to turn devices off manually, just like you would an on/off switch.

Make saving automatic

Make saving automatic.

The Conserve Surge with Timer controls six Auto-Off outlets for desktop electronics like computer monitors, printers, external hard drives, speakers, chargers and more. Two Always-On outlets stay on for devices that need continuous power, like fax machines or desk clocks. It's the easy way to reduce electric bills and save energy throughout the office.